Where to Buy 

If you are looking for a standard model, available now, please visit one of CP Thornton's authorized

domestic or international dealers listed below. For custom orders, contact Chuck directly HERE.


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"The C.P. Thornton...Guitars are the result of years of experience in building and craftsmanship,  and promise to be one of the best ...you have played."



"I bet you have not played a Thornton bass. Maybe you are not familiar with this bass builder.  Get familiar before you make your next bass purchase. Play this bass before you make a final decision. Talk to me to arrange your audition."


Scroll down the page on the link below to find examples of CP Thornton four & five string basses.


"Our European friends have new cause for celebration: CP Thornton has added Frank's Guitar Boutique in Mannheim, Germany, to its exclusive list of dealers. Now you can see, hear, hold, and play one of our guitars without booking a transatlantic flight. Prost!"



"Chuck (Thornton) is making some of the best electrics we've had the privilege to get our hands on here at TNAG. The finish work is absolutely stunning, the fretwork and playability are second-to-none, and Chuck's gift for matching tone woods with pickups and electronics that truly bring out the best of those selected tone woods is second-to-none. We are extremely proud to be offering CP Thornton's instruments in our Nashville showroom and look forward to seeing what Chuck comes up with next!"