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Testimonials & Reviews

Denny Breau


"If you have one of Chuck's guitars, you have one of the best. He is a genius."

-Denny Breau

ToneQuest Report


"Having played and reviewed his guitars since 2007, we can assure you that they are masterfully built works of fine art with exceptional tone and resonance."

-ToneQuest Report

Premier Guitar

"I would encourage readers to consider the offerings of CP Thornton and experience an example of a guitar at the 'Axis of Axes.'"

-Ben Friedman


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Z Talk

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The Pros

The Customers


Chuck does wonderful work and it shows. He treats any instrument he works on like it was his own. He has made both my Gibson Les Pauls an absolute joy to play. If you want to experience the true potential of your instrument, take it to Chuck.


-Lew Levy 


Chuck is simply at the top of a very short list of meticulous luthiers and repair people

-Steve Bailey Sr. 

My band plays hard and leaves it all on the stage. I can't screw around with repairs. That's why everything I have goes through Chuck's shop. Not having to worry about my gigging guitars is very important to me. Black Cat Road depends on me to bring it. And I depend on Chuck. Nuff said.


ps...ask to see one of his builds while you're there, there absolutely stunning.

-Bob Thompson 

Chuck has been performing his expert craftsmanship on my instruments for over twenty-five years. From basic setups to complete fret-jobs to electronics customizing, Chuck represents the absolute pinnacle of quality, knowledge, care and value. Thank you Chuck, for treating my instruments like they were your own!

-Daniel Gravano 

Chuck is a true craftsman & does outstanding repairs & builds! I would not trust my 50's vintage Gibson's to anyone but him. He's the best!

-Shawn Theriault 


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